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apollonius jesus and paul men or myths truth be known - apollonius jesus and paul men or myths by acharya s d m murdock over the centuries not a few people have noticed a resemblance between the lives of the ancient sage apollonius of tyana and the christian savior jesus christ a comparison most notably brought to light by the very important roman official sossianus hierocles in the fourth century, jesus and buddha the parallel sayings seastone - jesus and buddha the parallel sayings seastone marcus borg jack kornfield on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers jesus and buddha were separated by five hundred years three thousand miles and two drastically different cultures yet this trade paper edition of the highly acclaimed hardback juxtaposes passages from the new testament and ancient buddhist scriptures to, paul vs jesus disagreement and contradictions between - paul originally saul of tarsus was the brilliantly successful missionary who transformed the fledgling sect of christians into a movement that spread throughout the known world yet his teachings stand in stark and overwhelming contradiction to those attributed to jesus because so many of the early christians came by way of paul and because so much of it is interpreted through his prolific, evidence for jesus and parallel pagan crucified saviors - the prominent three parallel pagan gods appear to be dionysos spelled dionysis or dionysus in the dvd mithras and osiris so i want to pay special attention to these three they are mentioned in short interview clips with unsuspecting christians leaving a billy graham crusade, romans 1 1 paul a servant of jesus christ called to be - paul a servant of jesus christ called to be an apostle separated to the gospel of god paul acts 13 9 then saul who also is called paul filled with the holy ghost set his eyes on him acts 21 40 and when he had given him licence paul stood on the stairs and beckoned with the hand unto the people, yeshua jesus and judaism versus paul and christianity - feature articles and chapters posted 6 26 18 20 facts that prove paul was a false apostle yeshua s spoken word remaining in lazarus finally the truth about job a defense of the almighty, gospel preaching in acts the preaching of paul - 4 1 introduction luke has recorded direct speech in seven of paul s gospel addresses plus some sort of description in many others of the speeches one of these is in a synagogue at antioch pisidia acts 13 16 41 and closely parallels peter s address at caesarea, did a historical jesus exist nobeliefs com - amazingly the question of an actual historical jesus rarely confronts the religious believer the power of faith has so forcefully driven the minds of most believers and even apologetic scholars that the question of reliable evidence gets obscured by tradition religious subterfuge and outrageous claims, jesus in christianity wikipedia - in christianity jesus is believed to be the messiah and through his crucifixion and resurrection humans can be reconciled to god and thereby are offered salvation and the promise of eternal life these teachings emphasize that as the willing lamb of god jesus chose to suffer on the cross at calvary as a sign of his full obedience to the will of god the father as an agent and servant of god, jesus myth the case against historical christ - jesus myth the case against historical christ by january 03 2007 the majority of people in the world today assume or believe that jesus christ was at the very least a real person, jesus never existed articles and videos by kenneth humphreys - uncompromising exposure of the counterfeit origins of christianity and of the evil it has brought to the world, 11 paul s prayers for the ephesian believers ephesians 1 - an online interactive bible study of the great prayers of the bible as offered by abraham moses david psalms hezekiah daniel nehemiah jesus and paul, how did yeshua jesus become the son of god ebionite - it is a widely accepted doctrine among christians today that the disciples and ebionite nazirene followers did not comprehend the true nature of jesus because they did not proclaim that he was god as did the later gentile converts, did jesus christ really exist proving jesus without the - did jesus really exist where is the proof from non bible sources that he is real these questions and others like it are often asked by bible skeptics and atheists alike, did jesus die to satisfy god s wrath psephizo - when stephen travis revised christ and the judgement of god he included an additional chapter specifically responding to those proposing penal substitution as the main way to understand jesus death the chapter is a tour de force a masterly exploration of the issue fully engaging with alternative views and is worth reading in full he comments