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shooting of trayvon martin wikipedia - on the night of february 26 2012 in sanford florida united states george zimmerman fatally shot trayvon martin a 17 year old african american high school student zimmerman a 28 year old mixed race hispanic man was the neighborhood watch coordinator for his gated community where martin was visiting his relatives at the time of the sho, communities voices and insights washington times - this saturday some 100 000 iranian exiles will descend on paris for the annual free iran gathering sponsored by the national council of resistance of iran, racism in the united states wikipedia - ibram x kendi identified three groups of people and their interplay as relevant for the historic development of racism in the united states the segregationists the assimilationist and the antiracists, what the coming race war will look like return of kings - the 2016 presidential is shaping up to be one of the ugliest in recent history after eight years of racial agitation under the obama administration and social justice warriors run wild race relations have reached a low point, trayvon martin case anonymous witness claims teen - protests over trayvon martin s death sweep across america as anonymous witness claims teen attacked his killer george zimmerman before fatal shooting, it s too late broward county school board beginning to - as expected buried deep inside a miami herald article about the parkland school shooter nikolas cruz and a school board questioning their progressive policies we find the following, my president was black the atlantic - my president was black a history of the first african american white house and of what came next, the case for reparations by ta nehisi coates the atlantic - the case for reparations two hundred fifty years of slavery ninety years of jim crow sixty years of separate but equal thirty five years of racist housing policy, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa chicago harvard, obama s alleged homosexual past real jew news - donate bitcoins donate via mail brother nathanael foundation po box 547 priest river id 83856, yep incog man is an evil naaaaziiiii incog man - about incog man 100 white boy born and bred in the usa dedicated to awakening whites to all the crap being done to our decent fair minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all, hilary putnam compassion and questioning as a guide to - hilary as a young man resisted world war ii and became a trotskyist he later helped lead a movement in cambridge against the vietnam war and learning from his colleague roderick firth wrote brilliantly on how to think about war, i can tolerate anything except the outgroup slate star codex - content warning politics religion social justice spoilers for the secret of father brown this isn t especially original to me and i don t claim anything more than to be explaining and rewording things i have heard from a bunch of other people, radio derb john derbyshire - radio derb has been on the air as a podcast since mid 2004 it s a once a week 30 or 40 minute commentary usually posted late on friday evening covering news events from the week, the new york times search - politics regulators seek end to stricter oversight of zions bancorp a panel of federal regulators is proposing the removal of strict government oversight imposed on zions bancorp after the big regional bank received a taxpayer funded bailout during the 2008 financial crisis, 21 impeachable offenses by president barack hussein obama - when whiny liberals want to know why president obama should be impeached show them this list of 21 impeachable offenses i m sure they will love it, chicago s hudson murder trial exposes african american - more social tinkering came with the war on drugs since many young people died of drug overdoses our politicians have responded with the drug war the deaths and injuries associated with drug commerce activities made the overdose problem insignificant, lefty governors and naacp reprieving black killers incog man - make note of the poor quality of the victim photos that s because the media only put up tiny low res photos long ago never showing since just do a google search, the anti reactionary faq slate star codex - edit 3 2014 i no longer endorse all the statements in this document i think many of the conclusions are still correct but especially section 1 is weaker than it should be and many reactionaries complain i am pigeonholing all of them as agreeing with michael anissimov which they do not this complaint seems reasonable, how to strip the goy of his guns real jew news - donate bitcoins donate via mail brother nathanael foundation po box 547 priest river id 83856, are white women a serious threat to black men - much has been said about the dangers black men face in our modern society the trayvon martin incident helped to amplify this focus but other dangers have been highlighted as well, how cops got made and what it says about america the - the show that premiered in 1989 with its signature theme song bad boys by the reggae band inner circle was only slightly different than its current iteration, the dark enlightenment by nick land - the dark enlightenment part 1 the dark enlightenment part 2 the dark enlightenment part 3 the dark enlightenment part 4 the dark enlightenment part 4a the dark enlightenment part 4b, 13 reasons why s2 launches may 18 on netflix - season 2 picks up in the aftermath of hannah s death and the start of our characters complicated journeys toward healing and recovery liberty high prepares to go on trial but someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth surrounding hannah s death concealed, empowering citizens and deterring crime one free shotgun - ron paul stock market is the biggest bubble in history and it s going to burst fema admits to making deadly mistakes in hurricane maria aftermath, barack obama lawyer u s president u s senator - learn more about president barack obama s family background education and career including his 2012 election win find out how he became the first african american u s president view video clips and photos only at biography com